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Tech Articles

Being a leader in the industry means more than just selling parts. It also means sharing hands-on knowledge and experience that can assist our customers. Over the years, we have published a number of Tech Articles on performance and racing topics, ranging from common-sense tips to in-depth technical information. We hope that you find them helpful and informative.

Of Peaks and Valleys

Cylinder honing is just one element in high-performance engine preparation that is often taken for granted, yet it can be an effective means of not only helping to maintain proper[…]

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Once Disrespected, The Chevy 305 Looks To Be A RaceSaver

The small block Chevy 305 engine made it’s debut in 1976, designed by General Motors as a small V-8 that would provide improved fuel economy, while also sharing design and[…]

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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Chasing Your Own Tail?

Racing can be a challenging sport for drivers and crew alike. Much like everyday life, it can be trying and humbling at times, yet the excitement and occasional victory can[…]

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