Motor State Distributing Adds Zycoat - Thermal Coatings Product Line

ZyBarMotor State Distributing has added Zycoat and its line of ZyBar thermal insulation products formulated for the automotive aftermarket.

After a Purdue University performance evaluation, ZyBar was found to reduce radiant heat by over 90%, making this a must for automotive enthusiasts looking to increase horsepower as well as improve fuel economy. The evaluation also documented that ZyBar outperformed other products on the market including tapes, wraps, and ceramic based paints.

First used in the aerospace industry, Zybar is ideal for engine parts and exhaust components. The coating is available three colors (bronze satin, midnight black and cast finish) and can be applied several ways including with a paint sprayer, as well as just dipping or applying with a cloth.

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For more information and to order, dealers can contact a Motor State Distributing sales representative at 800-772-2678.

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