Two New Vendors Added - Seymour and Vintage Wires

New Vendor SeymourWe are happy to announce the addition of Seymour and Vintage Wires to our product lineup. Check over the great products now available, and let your customers know.

The inventor of aerosol spray paint, Seymour manufactures a wide variety of products. The automotive based product line includes enamel and high temperature paint, special finishes, primers, undercoat, ruberized and plastic coatings, and sealers.

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New Vendor Vintage WiresVintage Wires
The unique Vintage Wires product line offers ignition cable kits with modern day technology and a vintage look. The 7.8mm wires feature a spiral wound suppression core, EDPM and silicon insulation, and a lacquer covered cotton braid. These six and eight cylinder universal ignition cable kits include boots, terminals and dieclectric grease. Kits are available in a choice of six classic color combinations.

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