HP SolutionsHP Solutions ScreensHP Solutions ScreensNeed help to manage your business? Are you in the market for an affordable and high-quality Point-Of-Sale (POS) software system? Well look no further... allow us to introduce you to HP Commerce® business software developed by HP Solutions®!

HP Solutions provides software to the high performance racing and motor sports industries. Their flagship product is HP Commerce. HP Commerce is one of the best and most affordable whole business software solutions for high performance and motor sports retailers.

Many Motor State customers rely on HP Commerce to manage their inventory and pricing, create sales orders and invoices, generate purchase orders and also perform a wide range of A/R and A/P functions. And best of all, you can transfer pricing data from our Price Guide Pro® software with just a few simple keystrokes.

Free Offer For Key Solutions and PTM Users! HP Solutions will convert your Key Solutions and PTM data Free! This is a limited time offer. For more info Key Solutions Users Click Here or PTM Users Click Here.

HP Solutions now offers an exclusive "Stock-Check" link directly to Motor State Distributing! Visit the HP Solutions web site.

X-ChangeHP Commerce For Windows

HP Commerce is an end-to-end software solution for retailers in the high performance racing and motor sports industries. Now also features the "X-Charge" credit card processing module. Credit card transactions take just seconds!

BUILT WITH GOOD STUFF - HP Commerce® has been built by using a "state of the art" programming language and database server.

EASY TO USE - To make HP Commerce blazing fast, easy to use, and easy to train we have developed a unique interface that allows you to use the KEYBOARD to perform almost 100% of all operations within HP Commerce. You can use the mouse if you want to but you will love the fast and intuitive keyboard interface. These aren't "two fingered" short-cuts - these are one key operations designed to make procedures like point-of-sale the fastest in the industry. HP Commerce challenges any software to a drag race! They guarantee to make you a winner!

So if you're in the market for a new business system, contact HP Solutions and request an HP Commerce DEMO CD-ROM to try free-of-charge. Be sure to tell them that Motor State sent you!

Contact HP Solutions:
Phone: 765-289-6744 Monday - Friday 9:AM - 3:PM CST Fax: 419-735-0296 Email: sales@hpjobberonline.com

NOTE: HP Commerce is a product of HP Solutions, Muncie, Indiana. Purchase of HP Commerce software does not constitute permission to purchase products from Motor State Distributing. If you are not currently a Motor State Customer, please visit our New Customer Page for details on establishing an account.

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