eTools And Resources

Motor State is committed to providing quality technology at an affordable price. Our in-house IT staff has developed many eTools and resources that are exclusively for our dealers. Click on any of the following eTools and resources for more information.

Price Guide Pro
Interactive wholesale price guide, on-line ordering and more.

Live Price/Inventory
Log in for live pricing and inventory anytime.

Custom Line Card
Log in to create your own brochure listing all Motor State vendors.

Custom Order Forms
60 forms to simplify custom orders.
eFlyer Pro
Log in and build your own retail sale flyer based on our sale flyer.
Web eSpecials
Log in for monthly web sale products.
Turn our Web eSpecials into customized flyers for your shop.
Vendor Videos
Many exclusive videos recorded at Motor State seminars.


eTools Work Continues - Have an idea for an eTool? Call or Contact Us.

eTool Partners

We have forged solid relationships with technology companies that have developed track-tested business tools to help make our dealers more successful.

eTool Developers LLC

eTool DeveloperseTool Developers has been a leading provider of electronic media solutions to the automotive aftermarket since 2001. While web design may be the company’s most visible expression, it is only one of the “tools” it provides its clients. The eTool Developers organization is a talented team representing many business and technical disciplines, all of which are brought together to produce an integrated program. The team can manage a client’s information and present it on the Internet using the latest technology. They are capable of combining many seemingly unrelated components into a finished product to present a highly polished “window to the world”, and far more.

Using their broad base of business and technical disciplines, eTool Developers can create sophisticated, cohesive and multi-faceted tools to build sales, enhance customer service, improve technical and sales training and develop internal efficiencies to reduce the cost of doing business. eTool Developers provides eCommerce, webhosting and email capabilities, maximization of search engine marketing, Internet advertising, flash animation and on-web sales training tools in addition to website design.

eTool Developers has worked with leading companies in the areas of manufacturing and distribution to develop focused and flexible solutions to individual company needs, and to provide the necessary adjustments to meet the challenges of maintaining a competitive and profitable edge in the marketplace. Click here for more info.

CatalogRack.comAn Internet based electronic cataloging service from DCI (Direct Communications, Inc). Click Here to sign up for - It's FREE!!

DCi, with twenty years of experience in innovative communications delivery, is the leader in business to business communications. In 1997, DCi established its Electronic Cataloging Division to provide performance and accessory parts manufacturers with easy, cost- efficient and compliant processes to handle increasing requests for electronic catalogs.

DCi's most recent service,, is the industry's first on-line Performance and Accessory e-Catalog. brings manufacturers, warehouse distributors, jobbers, and retailers together with real-time parts, applications, inventory checks and parts ordering capabilities. Click here to find out more!

HP Solutions®, Inc.

HP SolutionsHP Commerce®, HP Solutions' flagship product, was originally developed specifically for the automotive performance industry in the late 1980's. Developed for Windows based PC's, HP Commerce, with the "X-Charge" credit card processing module, is still the best, most affordable whole business software solution for automotive performance retailers. 

Price Guide Pro - HP Solutions offers a direct link between Motor State's Price Guide Pro and HP Commerce. Customers using Price Guide Pro can keep HP Commerce's inventory and pricing up-to-date without having to do time consuming data entry and editing.

New Feature! HP Solutions now offers an exclusive "Stock-Check" link directly to Motor State Distributing! Click here to find out more!

If you have any questions or comments regarding our eTools Partner™ program, please contact Mike Kibby at 800-772-2678 ext. 236.

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