Getting Lit: LED Lights Take Off in Automotive

LED lights are fast-becoming the standard for OEM lighting systems. An incredible selection of aftermarket options make them a practical and cost-effective upgrade for older vehicles, as well.

AN Fittings and Hoses Done Right

AN fittings and hoses are a popular solution for plumbing race cars and other high-performance vehicles. Which ones are right for your application?

Don’t Sell Safety Gear Short

When it comes to safety gear, racers often tend to put it towards the bottom of their “to do” list. Selecting the right gear can save your life!

Avoiding Charging System Problems

Tech Articles A properly functioning charging system is critical for a vehicle’s operation. Often taken for granted and rarely inspected, the charging system in today’s modern performance vehicle is responsible for keeping the battery fully charged and supplying the proper amount of voltage to the electrical system. This sounds relatively simple, yet whether it’s a […]

Blow-by – Causes and Solutions

Tech Articles Measuring, troubleshooting, and minimizing blow-by in racing engines is a valuable tool to help boost horsepower.   The term blow-by certainly isn’t viewed in a positive light, yet each and every internal combustion engine, regardless of brand, builder, or budget, is subjected to it. Blow-by, also referred to as crankcase pressure, occurs during […]

The Evolution of Lock-Up Torque Converters

Tech Articles From daily drivers to drag cars, lock-up torque converters have changed the industry. The OPEC oil embargo that began in 1973, with its resulting fuel shortages and soaring gas prices, certainly doesn’t bring back fond memories to those old enough to remember being a part of the endless lines of cars leading to […]

Once Disrespected, The Chevy 305 Engine Looks To Be A RaceSaver

Tech Articles The Chevy 305 engine has become popular with racers from the drag strip to the sprint car circuit, with ready availability and many aftermarket upgrades. The small block Chevy 305 engine made its debut in 1976, designed by General Motors as a small V-8 that would provide improved fuel economy, while also sharing […]