Gen V LT Engine: Technology Abounds

Tech Articles The GM Gen V LT engine family offers some great technological improvements over prior engine families, but will it replace the popular LS for engine swaps?   While the release of the 2014 C7 Corvette marked the debut of the Gen. V LT engine, it didn’t truly become GM’s go-to powerplant until the […]

LS Swaps for Everyone!

Tech Articles LS swaps continue to be a popular and practical solution for adding power and performance to a wide range of cars and trucks of all eras. While the last LS engine rolled off the assembly line in 2020, ultimately replaced by the Gen. V LT engine, the LS engine’s performance and durability have […]

Outfitting a Race Trailer – Making It All Fit

Tech Articles Outfitting a race trailer, and making everything fit in safely and securely, is one of the biggest challenges a racer can have off the track. It can also make the difference between racking up a win or sitting out a race.  Knowledgeable racers realize the importance of outfitting a race trailer with the […]

Brake Fluid – Reaching the Boiling Point

Tech Articles All brake fluids are NOT the same, especially when it comes to performance applications. Selecting the proper brake fluid can mean the difference between victory and a DNF – or worse. Often taken for granted, brake fluid is a critical ingredient in the preparation of any high-performance vehicle, particularly if it’s expected to […]