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Of Peaks and Valleys

Cylinder honing is just one element in high-performance engine preparation that is often taken for granted, yet it can be an effective means of not only helping to maintain proper oil control, but increasing horsepower, as well. Most high-performance enthusiasts understand that when an engine is rebuilt and new rings are installed, the block will…
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Once Disrespected, The Chevy 305 Looks To Be A RaceSaver

The small block Chevy 305 engine made it’s debut in 1976, designed by General Motors as a small V-8 that would provide improved fuel economy, while also sharing design and components common to the popular 350 engine, which helped reduce production costs. The engine shared the same 3.480″ stroke of the 350, but featured a…
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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Chasing Your Own Tail?

Racing can be a challenging sport for drivers and crew alike. Much like everyday life, it can be trying and humbling at times, yet the excitement and occasional victory can help smooth the road. One of the most frustrating situations for racers is when the car has taken on a “gremlin” where it just doesn’t…
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