Shock Therapy: Choosing the Right Shock Absorbers

Tech Articles Choosing the right shock absorbers for a vehicle can make a dramatic difference in its handling on the street, off-road, or on the track. Most performance enthusiasts raise the hood of their high-octane toy at least once a week, trying to find that last little bit of performance that they can squeeze out […]

Parts and Installation: Improving Your Bottom Line

Tech Articles Adding additional services such as installation can be a helpful way to increase parts sales and improve the bottom line. After twenty successful years catering to the auto performance market, parts sales were beginning to slip without real warning, and taking a serious chunk out of the bottom line. The relationship between my […]

The Engine Chiller and the Trickle-Down Effect

Tech Articles Using an engine chiller can give circle track and drag racers a valuable edge. While commercial versions can be expensive, a home-built one can still be effective at a fraction of the cost. Although former U.S. President Ronald Reagan may have regularly referenced the controversial concept of trickle-down economics, there have been other […]

Fuel System Dos and Don’ts

Tech Articles Building a safe, reliable, and efficient fuel system is not only important for racing success, it’s a critical safety factor. The race car building process can be tedious and time-consuming, yet veteran car builders know that each task is equally as important as the next. For example, each system should include components that […]

Oil Filter Inspection

Tech Articles Periodic oil filter inspection can be a valuable tool for providing an early warning of hidden engine problems. A few minutes and an inexpensive tool have the potential to save thousands in engine rebuild or replacement costs down the line. Preventative maintenance is something that most people think applies to the daily driver. […]

When Engine Bearings Fail

Tech Articles When engine bearings fail, it often becomes a question of “the chicken or the egg”. Proper root cause analysis can help minimize the risk of a repeated failure, and provide insight as to potential hidden issues.  It comes up quite often when an engine fails in a race car. The problem typically begins […]

Wet Sump Oil System: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Tech Articles Ensuring that an engine receives proper lubrication at all times isn’t just important, it’s essential. While a wet sump oil system is often sufficient for the average passenger car or truck, a dry sump is the preferred solution for extreme performance engines. But what if you don’t have a choice?     The best oiling system for […]

Solving Ignition Problems: The Path of Least Resistance

Tech Articles Ignition problems can be a major source of performance issues, but are often one of the easiest challenges to solve with proper testing and components.  Ignition problems including misfire and crossfire have made more than a few performance enthusiasts literally pull their hair out over the years. Although most modern cars employ coil-on-plug ignitions, the majority […]

TH-200 Transmission: Court Room to Race Track

Tech Articles Once the basis for a lawsuit over poor reliability, GM’s TH-200 automatic transmission has found new life in circle track and drag racing. Motivated racers always look for an edge on the competition; it’s just the nature of the beast. It may be just a few added horsepower gained from a header swap, […]